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A beautiful book for little bunnies

I am a Bunny by Ole Risom and Richard Scarry, Little Golden Books

Originally published in 1963, I am a Bunny is a glorious celebration of nature, as observed by a little rabbit called Nicholas. This is an adorable first primer on the seasons for babies and toddlers. It's also a lovely introduction to the beauty of the world around us.

Illustrated by the legendary Richard Scarry, the text was written by Ole Risom. Nicholas was named after Risom's eldest son. Following Risom's death in August 2000, the New York Times published an obituary which referred to him as "one of the most influential publishers of mass-market books for children."

Risom was a visionary publisher who specialised in books for preschoolers. His publications showcased the work of talented artists but were inexpensively produced, making them accessible to all. Janet Shulman of Random House children's books compared his innovations in the publishing world to that of IKEA in the furniture industry.

I love how this is written. Risom's style is gentle and simple, yet remarkably lyrical - ideal for lulling little ones to sleep. The images always make me smile too. Scarry's illustrations are fabulous - incredibly detailed, colourful, cute and charming.

I am a Bunny was one of my youngest's favourite books when they were just a baby. You only have to look at it to see why it's been in print since 1963. Despite its age, there is nothing dated about this story and it's every bit as fresh and appealing as a contemporary publication. This is a gorgeous gift for new or expectant parents and a wonderful book to share with your own little bunnies.

I am a Bunny was published by Little Golden Books in 1963 - see this book on the publisher's website

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