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Cheeky little monkeys will love this book

Cheeky Monkey by Zehra Hicks, Hachette

Cheeky Monkey by Zehra Hicks, Hachette

We're mad about Pug Hug by Zehra Hicks and I've been meaning to review it for ages. Our copy actually had an unfortunate accident a little while ago. My eldest took it to school with her but it never made it back home.

Cheeky Monkey by Zehra Hicks, Hachette

A few evenings ago, at bedtime, the youngest was mourning the loss of Pug Hug quite dramatically. There was no placating her, so out of frustration, I purchased a copy of the ebook so that we could read it instantly. While doing so, I realised there was a follow-up, Cheeky Monkey, which I also bought out of curiosity and am so glad I did as it's wonderful!

Cheeky Monkey by Zehra Hicks, Hachette
I love how Zebra appears to be painting a self-portrait of themself as a unicorn here!

All about a playful primate and his interactions with his classmates, Cheeky Monkey is guaranteed to put a smile on the face of anyone who reads it. Just look at the illustrations - they're so vibrant and cheerful, with the cutest creatures imaginable! I love how lively, colourful and funny the artwork is. Even though the lines and shapes are quite simple, so much is conveyed by each image - especially through the characters' expressions.

Cheeky Monkey by Zehra Hicks, Hachette

Cheeky Monkey is ideal for helping children to consider their behaviour from the perspective of others, and perfect for teaching playground etiquette to the very young. It's brilliant how this shows the monkey reconciling with their friends. This demonstrates how even if we have a bad day, or experience conflict, there's no situation or relationship that can't be repaired. Parents with children starting preschool or joining a creche will find this helpful with the transition and it's an excellent resource for anyone working in childcare. Cheeky Monkey is a fantastic book that will be appreciated by everyone who enjoys entertaining stories with gorgeous illustrations.

Cheeky Monkey by Zehra Hicks, Hachette
The expressions of little monkey and his pals are priceless

About the author-illustrator

Zehra Hicks is a tutor at Chelsea College of Arts. Her debut picture book The Boy Who Hated Toothbrushes was highly commended for the Macmillan Prize for Illustration in 2009. It also won the Heart of Hawick Award in 2012 and was named Lovereading4Kids Debut of the Year 2011. All Mine! was nominated for the Kate Greenaway Medal. The series tackling overwhelming emotions on which Zehra collaborated with Rachel Rooney has been praised by parents and professionals alike. This includes The Problem with Problems, The Worrying Worries and the upcoming The Fears You Fear. Zehra lives in Epsom with her family and you can find more of her work on her website.

Cheeky Monkey snatching the author-illustrator's name in the endpapers!

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