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Why we love Hop Lola Hop...

...and why you will too

Hop Lola Hop is the delightful debut picture book from author Kathy Urban. It's illustrated by Siski Kalla and was published by Little Steps on 1st June, 2022. This is the adorable tale of a beloved toy bunny and what happens after she hops out of her owner's pushchair. There are lots of reasons to love Hop Lola Hop, but here are our top five:

It's based on a relatable scenario I think we've all been in this situation at one point and there's nothing worse. It can be devastating for a child to lose something so precious. Not all missing teddies make their way back home again so it's lovely to have a story like this one. Hop Lola Hop suggests that wandering toys are having a wonderful time which helps soften the blow if they do disappear either temporarily permanently. I had to laugh at the beginning, where even leaving the house isn't going to plan. Just making it out the front door can often be the biggest challenge in an excursion involving small children especially as what can seem like a tiny mishap to an adult can be a colossal disaster for the very young.

The illustrations are gorgeous We love the soft pastel shades, the loose lines and how detailed the images are. One of our favourite scenes features an aerial view of a street which is fun for little readers to explore. We're also fond of the library whose shelves include many familiar books. And we're mad about the fluffy cat who resembles a kitty we know and whose tail looks deceptively bunny-like.

There are lots of action and sound words

The use of words like 'hop', 'splash', 'plomp' and 'glug' adds to the book's appeal when read aloud and also helps children build their vocabulary.

It's interactive

There are 16 bunnies hidden in the story for readers to find and my girls and I really enjoyed this aspect of the book.

It's ideal for winding down at bedtime

This is such a cosy and comforting story, from the subject matter to the colour scheme. As it ends with Lola tucked up snugly in bed, it's perfect for gently nudging children towards sleep.

Hop Lola Hop by Kathy Urban and Siski Kalla was published by Little Steps in June 2022 - see this book on the publisher's website Thanks so much to author Kathy Urban for sharing this gorgeous book with us - all opinions expressed are our own.


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