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Picture Book Snob on Lenses into Learning

Thanks so much to Clara Maria Fiorentini for inviting me on Lenses into Learning. This series is part of a popular teaching website created by Clara, an Irish lecturer and literacy expert. Clara's website,, made the 2021 Twinkl list of best educational blogs in Ireland and the UK.

Clara holds a masters in children’s literature and is currently undertaking PhD research in early literacy development and transitions to formal literacy learning. Clara is also an executive committee member of the Literacy Association of Ireland and is the co-author of Ireland’s first multi-sensory phonics programme, Sounds Like Phonics (CJ Fallon, 2019).

For Lenses into Learning, I put together a piece on illustrated nonfiction books that make excellent classroom resources. They're ideal for home learning too and for getting children who may not consider themselves 'readers' excited about books. Each title presents facts in unique, interesting and humorous ways to make the information as engaging and memorable as possible.

Clara Maria Fiorentini is on Twitter as @fiorentini_cm and Instagram as @claramariafiorentini and her website is here:

Clara is also a co-founder of The Literacy Channel on YouTube.


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