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This book takes the planet under its wing

The World Under Wings by Tom Gregory

"In the cold Arctic snow lived the terns, swift and brave, they danced on the breeze over icebergs and waves. But they knew very soon they’d all have to flee, before their home melted into the sea. So, they rose from their nests at the morning’s first light, ready to start their incredible flight…”

In this story, we travel around the world with arctic terns and see the consequences of human activity and the destruction of habitats. We soar across frozen landscapes and oceans, fly through desserts and forests and hover above cities. We’re introduced to a variety of animals, from the wild and exotic to more familiar creatures we see every day. This broadens the book’s appeal to young readers - my kids are especially fond of the baby penguin.

The World Under Wings is a lyrical ode to a planet in peril and a hopeful tale which hopes to bring about change. Inspired by the migration of the artic terns, this story outlines the journey that humans can take to help protect the natural world. Striking illustrations (my favourites are the snow scenes and starry skies) support a rhyming text which reinforces the power of positive actions and how even small steps can make a difference. This beautiful book impresses the importance of caring for the environment on children and adults alike.

About the author-illustrator: Tom Gregory is a London-based illustrator, author and graphic designer. Tom's admiration for the natural world motivates him to create stories that capture spectacles of nature and promote positive attitudes towards the environment. Tom uses both factual and fictional narratives to entertain and inform audiences about our planet, its inhabitants and the threats facing them. This is Tom's first picture book and you can see more of his work on his website.

A huge thanks to author-illustrator Tom Gregory and publisher Ethicool Books for sending us a gift of this book in exchange for an honest review – all opinions expressed are our own.


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