I'm a former bookseller, a current parent and a lifelong children's book enthusiast!



Thank you for visiting Picture Book Snob. I'm Ciara and once upon a time I was a bookseller, for almost a decade, but that's over ten years ago now. I began blogging about my favourite picture books during lockdown in 2020 and realised how much I missed the literary world.

If you're wondering why all the reviews are positive, it's because I only write about the ones that my family and I love. Recently, someone asked why I called this blog Picture Book Snob. This is because I'm not just selective about the stories we read, but I also consider picture books superior to every other form of art!  

If you're looking for reviews for older readers, I've started writing about chapter, middle grade and young adult books on a new sister site called Paperback Snob. If you enjoy reading the blog posts, please subscribe, follow @picturebooksnob on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and share with any fellow picture book fans. 

a baby reading a book in a buggy 1980s

Me in the 1980s - not much has changed!

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