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Picture Book Snob doesn't provide paid reviews but if you're an author or an aspiring writer, there are lots of other ways we can work together via my freelance business, Purple Crayon.  

Here's a list of rates and services:

Feedback & Critiques
Up to 2,000 words: €59
Over 2,000 words: €59 for the first 2,000 words then 0.015c a word

Fiction and Nonfiction Editing
0.015c per word
Add a critique/feedback for €29 

Picture Book Editing
Structural edit, proofread + critique: €149
Structural edit: €59
Proofread: €59
Critique: €59

Book formatting for self-publishing platforms such as LuLu, Amazon and Ingram Spark
Up to 40,000 words: €99
40,000 - 80,000 words: €129
80,000 - 120,000: €159

Information Sheets and Press Releases
Information Sheet for bookshops, libraries and bloggers: €59
Press Release/News story for local and national media: €75
Information Sheet and Press Release: €125

Book Blurb

A concise and appealing description of your book to help you market it: €39
Add an author bio: €59

Blurb, author bio and information sheet: €99

Author Bio
An author bio that gets your work noticed for all the right reasons: €39
Add a blurb: €59

Blurb, author bio and information sheet: €99

Catchy Title Clinic

It can be challenging for authors to come up with names for their books. I'll provide feedback on your current title and suggest commercial alternates for €49. Can be added on to other services for €29. 

Shaping Your Submission

I'll write a query letter, a book description and an author bio to help you hook traditional publishers for €59.

Websites and Blog Posts
Consultation, home page and up to three more pages: €249
Additional pages: €99 per page
Blog posts: €75 for 450 words

Social Media Strategy
1-hour consultation: €55
8-week digital marketing plan including 1-hour consultation, promotional copy, graphics and animated Instagram reels: €599

Instagram Reels (videos)
1 long reel introducing your book + 10 shorter animated posts: €249
Additional reels: €59 per reel

Instagram Book Tours
Starting at €149 for 7 days and includes:
- promotional graphics announcing tour dates
- graphics with quotes from reviewers on each day of tour
- engagement with the tour on each day

- sharing all tour posts via @picturebooksnob (7,000+ followers on Instagram)
- a reel (video) of tour highlights once tour has ended
Take a look at previous tours

Cover Reveal (children's books)
Cover reveal shared via @picturebooksnob social media channels (10,000+ followers across Instagram, Twitter & Facebook): €29 

Instagram Live Event (children's books)
Showcase your work and introduce yourself to the kidlit community with a live reading and Q&A via @picturebooksnob: €55
Includes animated promotional graphics and a recording that can be shared on your own Instagram page. 

Book Launch Ideas
Zoom consultation to generate ideas for a successful virtual or in-person book launch: €55

Promotional Materials (Bookmarks, launch invitations and graphics etc.)

€59 per design 

Teaching Notes and Activity Packs
€99 for a 6-page pack (2 pages of teaching notes and 4 activities)
Read more about activity packs

For more information, get in touch with or visit

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