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A charming tale about teamwork

Albert Upside Down by Ian Brown and Eoin Clarke

Albert the tortoise has found himself upside down and unable to turn himself the right way around. A gang of garden creatures comes to the rescue, but with everyone arguing about the best approach to take, can anyone save the day?

This delightful story emphasises the importance of teamwork and not underestimating, judging or excluding others based on their appearance or perceived differences. It proves that everyone has a contribution to make to their community. The illustrations are wonderful, with an interesting use of perspective, sepia and colour. My kids love how it opens with a view of the garden upside down and this scene creates much amusement every time we read the book.

Albert is an endearing and gentle character and the other inhabitants of the garden, and their interactions, are hilarious. This entertaining tale includes information about the real Albert who inspired the book as well as fascinating facts about tortoises and how to care for them. Albert Upside Down is ideal for children with an interest in nature. Just be warned – they will more than likely request a pet tortoise of their own after reading it!

About the author:

Ian Brown is a London-based writer and producer for television and former journalist. His TV credits include The South Bank Show, This Is Your Life, Top Gear, entertainment shows and documentaries. He has written or produced for the likes of Pierce Brosnan, Harrison Ford, Simon Cowell, George Lucas, Liam Neeson, Martin Scorsese, Jamie Oliver and Homer Simpson among many others. The Albert series are his first book titles for children.

About the illustrator: Eoin Clarke has worked for thirty years in the animation industry as a director, animator and storyboard artist – his directorial work across films, commercials and documentaries has garnered thirty awards. Clients include the BBC, Channel 4, BFI, and Ray Harryhausen, as a storyboard artist, as well as animation for the opening titles of popular TV series with Harry Hill and Mortimer & Whitehouse: Gone Fishing. The Albert series are his first illustrated books. He lives in London.


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