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BLOG TOUR: Samantha Hunter's Flamingo Fashion, read by Michael Maloney, illustrated by Maggy Roberts

We're extremely excited to share our first ever audiobook review and join the celebrations for the launch of Flamingo Fashion. Releasing on Audible and Kindle, author Samantha Hunter is donating all profits from the sale of both editions to LitWorld. This is a charity dedicated to developing the creative confidence and literacy skills of children all over the world.

The Kindle edition is illustrated by Maggy Roberts and Michael Maloney reads the audiobook. Michael is an acclaimed actor who has appeared in a variety of popular films and TV series, including The Iron Lady, Coronation Street and The Crown. Michael is also a seasoned audiobook narrator who has lent his vocal talents to many bestselling and award-winning titles.

Flamingo Fashion is an amusing and uplifting rhyming story with a subtle but important lesson about being yourself and appreciating who you are. The audiobook is a delight from start to finish. It begins with lively but gentle music, which suits the playful tone of the story. This pleasant tune never grows irritating, even after being listened to repeatedly (which can happen!).

I love Michael Maloney's eloquent and charismatic narration. Michael gives each animal a distinct voice and accent, making the story and its characters larger than life. His pacing is skilful and flawless, and easy for young children to follow. Michael expertly builds drama and keeps little listeners captivated, and his animal sound-effects are brilliant too!

Illustration by Maggy Roberts
Illustration by Maggy Roberts

There's lots of alliteration and sound-words which makes this even more appealing to a young audience. It begins with, "Fabulous Freddie and Fifi, are perfectly pretty in pink," while the plains are "boring, brown, and beige." Later, feathers "swish, swash and shimmy," we hear how the flamingos "preened and puffed and fluffed,"and there's a "trumpeting, crashing, gnashing of teeth." This is all lovely to listen to and Michael Maloney delivers it wonderfully.

Flamingo Fashion is a simple story with a powerful message. As a variety of animals try to change how they look, they realise they are perfect just as they are. Author Samantha Hunter hopes this story will boost self-esteem from an early age. I love her lyrical and evocative language, and the landscape she crafts with its "soft orange sun" and "sherbet pink river."

Samantha is a parent, podcast host and entrepreneur who started writing after the birth of her first child in 2017. Samantha is passionate about developing both children's and adult's creativity, and her work is designed to inspire imaginations in a fun and playful way. Samantha has included lots of free activities available to download from the Flamingo Fashion website which are ideal for encouraging creativity.

My children are 6 and almost 4 and love listening to Flamingo Fashion when tucked up in bed. The 6-year-old's only complaint is that it's "not very long"- she'd like to hear more of the animal's antics. We hope Samantha dreams up further adventures for these charming characters soon!

Author Samantha Hunter
Author Samantha Hunter

A huge thank you to Samantha Hunter and the lovely people in Literally PR for inviting us on the Flamingo Fashion Blog Tour. We received a complimentary audiobook - all opinions expressed are our own. Don't forget to check out all the other stops on the tour!

BLOG TOUR: Flamingo Fashion by Samantha Hunter, read by Michael Maloney


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