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LOOK! New logos designed by Tarsila Krüse have landed! Read all about them + a fantastic giveaway...

We've been given a fabulous makeover by superstar children's book illustrator and our fairy blogmother, Tarsila Krüse

Picturebook & Paperback Snob logos designed by children's book illustrator and artist arsila Krüse

They're here! We're delighted to finally reveal our gorgeous new look. This was created especially for us by amazing artist and children's book champion, Tarsila Krüse, in her distinct, lively, warm and endearing style. When Tarsila and I first chatted about the logos, the plan was to launch them on the blog's one year anniversary in July. After seeing Tarsila's designs last week, I was so impressed and overwhelmed; there was no way I would be able to keep them a secret until the summer!

Tarsila has illustrated some of our favourite books, so I knew whatever she put together would be beautiful. Despite this, I was still stunned when I saw how Tarsila had not just transformed our logos, but brought them to life. I wasn't expecting Tarsila to craft a bespoke font for us. I love what she has done with this and how perfectly it suits and reflects the purpose of the blog.

The Picturebook Snob logo designed by Tarsila Krüse
The Picture Book Snob logo designed by Tarsila Krüse

Here's what Tarsila had to say about this project: Illustrating the logos for Picture Book and Paperback Snob was a thrill! Just like the blog itself, the designs are about the love of books and art that speaks to children, diving into stories and losing ourselves in reading.

To make it all come to life, I took into consideration the differences between picture books and paperbacks and it became clear that the characters for each logo should display their unique traits and have their own flavour, but because they have the same purpose - to open a world of possibilities and ideas for children - they’re delighted to share a shelf together.

The soft colours were picked to allow us to immerse into this magical universe while also speaking to the different ages across the board. They’re friendly, heart-warming and welcoming. The font was hand-written and the colourful book spines reflect how embedded books are in the lives of every picture book or paperback snob out there.”

The Paperback Snob logo designed by Tarsila Krüse
The Paperback Snob logo designed by Tarsila Krüse

I love Tarsila's attention to detail and adorable little elements like tiny yellow wellies and miniature red converse. I love the rainbow on the cover of the hedgehog's book, the cat's curvy tail and the stripy t-shirts and jeans. I love how they look like bookends and are surrounded by piles of to-be-read titles that resemble my own stacks. I love the colour palette that Tarsila has chosen. Most of all, I love how captivated the cat and hedgehog are by what they are reading and how relaxed and content they both appear.

Tarsila sent me the logos almost exactly a year after I had been made "temporarily" redundant from a role related to the cinema industry. I'm an accidental blogger and it wasn’t something I ever considered before last summer. While furloughed, I studied copywriting and had to create a blog for an assignment.

Long before I had children, picture books fascinated me, and I was always drawn to the picture book section of bookshops. I worked as a bookseller for years, part-time through college and then full-time once I graduated. It had been almost ten years since I worked in the book trade, but now a parent, picture books formed a large part of my daily routine. So, I decided to start a blog devoted to them, called Picture Book Snob. Six months later, I began writing about books for older readers too, on Paperback Snob.

The Picturebook and Paperback Snob logo designed by Tarsila Krüse
Tarsila's design combining both logos

Initially, I intended to set up the Picture Book Snob blog solely for the copywriting assignment and abandon it once it had been graded. I hadn't expected to enjoy writing the reviews so much, nor had I been aware that a lovely and welcoming online children's book community existed. The connections made in the virtual book world, and the time spent focusing on more cheerful, imaginary realms, helped me through this peculiar past year. I'm so glad I kept blogging!

The online children's book community includes booksellers, teachers, librarians, parents, bloggers, authors, illustrators, publishers and general children's literature enthusiasts. It was through this friendly and devoted tribe that I met Tarsila. She has been one of the biggest supporters of Picture Book Snob since its inception and has always been incredibly kind and encouraging.

Tarsila Krüse with a selection of her books

Tarsila regularly reviews books and interviews authors and artists for Children’s Books Ireland and Inis Magazine, and has been featured in the Irish Times. Fourteen years later, the chocolate tin she designed for Carroll's gift shops after first moving to Ireland from Brazil is still one of their most popular products. Tarsila's début picture book with Máire Zepf, Ná Gabh ar Scoil!, was shortlisted for the CBI Book of The Year Awards in 2016.

Bliain na nAmhrán, Tarsila's second book, which was written by Tadhg Mac Dhonnagáin won the CBI Judges' Special Merit Award in 2017. Tarsila designed the covers for the 2019 and 2020 Christmas editions of the RTÉ Guide and even had a story published in last year’s edition. For anyone not from Ireland - this is an annual bestseller here and there isn't an Irish household without a copy during the festive season. You can see more of Tarsila's work on her website,, and on her Instagram, Facebook and Twitter pages.

More of Tarsila's books

It has been a dream come true to have an acclaimed artist and children's book advocate, and someone as talented and passionate as Tarsila, create logos for us. To celebrate our makeover, we're offering our readers the opportunity to win fantastic bundles of books and our first ever branded merchandise. We're running competitions on our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages. Enter all three to triple your chances of getting your hands on a prize! The competition will close at 6pm on Wednesday 7th April and each lucky winner will receive eight books as well as stickers, a mug and a cotton tote bag.

To be in with a chance of winning these fantastic prizes, head over to our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages.



Jacqueline Doherty
Jacqueline Doherty
Mar 24, 2021

I absolutely love your merch! This is so very exciting and special. What an amazing new direction that your life has taken because of this crazy year!

Picture Book Snob
Picture Book Snob
Mar 24, 2021
Replying to

Thanks Jacqueline. I am eagerly awaiting for the merch. to arrive - I can't wait to see it. Yes a completely unexpected turn for the better! 💜

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